Flexible, innovative solutions for analysis of the skeleton

Working In-vivo

Lab mouse

We can support investigators  with  their in-vivo work, from designing the experiments to analysing the data. We have established partnerships that allow us to provide a unified comprehensive and tailored service to our customers. All in-vivo work is in line with the regulations of the Animal Act of 1986.

We offer a range of in-vivo approaches:

  • Analysis  of the effect of novel compounds on bone biology and physiology.
  • Discovery of new genes implicated in bone health by studying the bone phenotype of genetically modified animals.
  • Analysis of interventions on animal models of bone disease.
  • Understanding the interactions between changed loading regimes on the bone with novel interventions, of through altered loading in genetically modified animals.
  • Deciphering the complex relationship/communication between the bone tissue and other tissues (such as muscle, joints) or other systems (such as immune system, vascular system).

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