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Bone Biomarkers

We measure mouse serum bone biomarkers such as bone resorption marker Trap5B and bone formation marker P1NP
Our associated partner the Bone Biochemistry Lab, led by Prof. Richard Eastell, has great experience in the analysis of bone biomarkers in patients.

The Bone Biochemistry Lab:

Led by Prof R. Eastell, this lab is part of the Academic Unit of Bone Metabolism. It is located in the Mellanby Centre for Bone Research, the University of Sheffield Medical School. In addition to the facilities and equipment for carrying out manual immunoassays, the laboratory is equipped with four automated immunoassay analysers. This equipment enables us to carry out high throughput measurements of bone turnover markers and associated analytes such as vitamin D and parathyroid hormone. The experienced laboratory staff works with investigators to give advice on the most appropriate marker(s), on the collection and storage of samples and on the interpretation of results.

We collaborate and provide a service with other departments within the University and with external institutions and industry.

The laboratory participates in the United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Service (UK NEQAS) and the 25 Hydroxyvitamin D External Quality Assessment Scheme (DEQAS)

Contact Details: email: f.gossiel@sheffield.ac.uk Tel: 0114 2713783 or 0114 2712733