Flexible, innovative solutions for analysis of the skeleton

New developments



We recently acquired the Tissuefaxs 200 (TissueGnostics), a multislide scanner with the ability to:

  • Scan up to 200 slides, in brightfield or fluorescence.
  • Acquire images at a 20x magnification.
  • Acquire a range of fluorescent signals (DAPI, GFP, Cy3, Texas Red, Cy5, Cy5.5, Cy7).
  • Only scans pre-selected area (40 sec/cm2).

The analysis is Cell based (similar to Flow cytometry).

  • Using nucleus as cell identifier
  • Cell count and localisation on tissue
  • Intensity measurement of the staining
  • Nuclear, cytoplasmic detection of staining

Example of analysis:

Quantification of Ki67 positive cells in a tissue section. The threshold used to discriminate the positively stained cells is based on the IgG negative control. The percentage of positive cells present in the area analysed is 41.51%. Each dot representing a cell, you can observe that some cells are presenting a more intense staining than the majority of the other positive cells.

IgG Negative control analysed with HistoquestKi-67 positive staining analysed with Histoquest

Bone Healing :

In collaboration with the Julius Wolff Institute (Charité Hospital, Berlin, Germany), we are currently establishing a new in-vivo experimental design aiming at studying bone healing in rodents. This design will be used to explore the mechanisms influencing bone healing and assess the efficacy of new therapeutic strategies.